Song-a-Day 10: “Slaughter Said To Slaughter” (EXPLICIT LYRICS)

This is one of my favorites so far. :)

Slaughter Said To Slaughter

Lyrics (explicit):

Slaughter Said To Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter said to Mark Slaughter
With a name like Slaughter
How could you write
A song like Fly To The Angels

Mr. T said to Booker T
You’re a pretty badass motherfucker

GG Allin said to Marty Allen
I think your sock puppets are my favorite creation

Donna Summer said to Buffy Summers
You got it goin’ on and I like the point you’re making

Rod Stewart said to Jon Stewart
I bet you wish your hair looked like mine

Harrison Ford said to Gerald Ford
I want Lita Ford to kiss me deadly

Patsy Cline said to Calvin Klein
I wouldn’t endorse you for any amount of money

Kevin Bacon said to his bacon
If you were 6 degrees cooler I would be a loser

John Wayne said to Lil Wayne
I wish I had rhymes like those when I was in films

Doc Watson said to Emma Watson
Hermione wishes she looked half as good as you

Bobby Dylan said to Jacob Dylan
Is that the best song you can write you’ve got to be kidding

Jack Speer said to Burning Spear
I’ll get you all the coverage you need

Hank Williams said to Venus Williams
If I’d had an arm like that I could have been a contender

Nate Beane said to Mr. Bean
I can make a better name for myself don’t bother trying

Boughs of holly said to Buddy Holly
I wish you’d had a chance to make a Christmas album


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