Song-a-Day 2: “Ursula”

Ingest/inhale your favorite psychotropic substance and enjoy “Ursula.”


Recorded with acoustic guitar, snare drum w/brushes, electric bass and 2 sharply-panned electric guitar tracks. I wrote the rhyme “I was going down on the beast and it started spewing thermal grease,” and the rest wrote itself around that. I know this recording is rough around the edges, but start to expect that.  I’m trying to make this more an exercise in the writing process, rather than recording.



Ursula wakes up in the morning
She has trouble crossing the street
Her fingers are blue, her lips are numb
It’s the middle of summer and she just wants something to eat
She just wants something to eat

I told her how I went down on the beast
And it started spewing thermal grease
It was messy as hell, but I swallowed it down
Yeah, I swallowed it down

We walked to find a corner store
That still sells anything good over the counter
Instead she warmed up by a sewer grate
and put some junk on a catalyst plate
We both got lost
We both got lost

We were still up when the sunrise came
I walked away to the sound of her whispering my name


3 responses to “Song-a-Day 2: “Ursula”

  • Wendy Thomas

    Okay, I don’t have a clue how I got on this distribution list, I mean seriously I’m a mom of 6 kids, I’m probably not one of your target demographics but I’m lovin’ it.

    From 9:00am on, I’m sitting here thinking – where’s the song? Where’s the song?

    And while I’m not sure I’ll be playing this one at the next kids’ birthday party – got to give you high points on creativity. Disturbingly poetic.

  • Christie

    I like your listening instructions.

  • Amy Snow

    I finished my psychotropic substances yesterday. :(


    :) Weird.

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