Song-a-Day 1: “Carbon Dioxide”

Alright!  Here is song 1.  I’ve written it for my girlfriend, Alexandra.  Yeah, that’s sappy.  Deal with it.

Carbon Dioxide

I recorded this with an acoustic guitar, snare drum w/brushes and electric bass.  I tried using upright bass, but it didn’t fit the style or melody well.

Also, I’ve got to figure out a way to do this without eating such a big chunk of time.

Lyrics, if you’re interested…

Carbon Dioxide

The moon hangs in the sky just like a lightbulb
The water on the lake’s a sheet of glass
I see your reflection, it’s like a blurry resurrection
But then the paddles make the ripples go too fast

And I want to lay down by your side
And inhale your carbon dioxide
I want to lay down by your side
And inhale your carbon dioxide

We manage to get the fire going
With trash from the trunks of our cars
The warm summer breeze carries sparks through the trees
And up to where they stay among the stars

And I want to lay down by your side
And inhale your carbon dioxide
I want to lay down by your side
And inhale your carbon dioxide


8 responses to “Song-a-Day 1: “Carbon Dioxide”

  • krisula

    Love it. To save time, some days you may want to do two track live or whatever it’s called now. Just you and your guitar, no going back to record drum and bass or harmonies. Glad you spent the time on this one though, it sounded awesome.

    I think multi track recording might be a luxury for those slackers only attempting a song a week.

  • Wendy Thomas

    OK during Nano season I allocate an hour a day to write during the week and as much as I can get in during the weekends. I can’t even imagine how long it took you to get this together. If you did it in less than one hour you are my new hero. I agree that you might have to cut back on the back tracks and just go to you and the guitar.

    In any event, it’s lovely, a beautiful song. If you ever write a song about chickens (yes, chickens) I’ll feature it on my blog.

  • KateKintail

    A really beautiful song. Very sweet with a lovely tune. But using “lay” when it should be “lie” makes me cringe (I wasn’t expecting such a high level of evil right off the bat).

    I really look forward to hearing a song a day from you (will you sing the current day’s song at the NYCWRF?)

  • suchducks

    Oh man what an awesome chorus.

  • Amanda Borenstadt

    That’s romantic… in a sort of Poe-ish sort of way. I love it! :)
    I’ve got 1,858 words so far but they aren’t as nice as this.

  • Amy Snow

    Ohhhh sooo catchyy! This is going to be in my head forever. Great work, Brian. :)

  • Alicia Gravely

    I love this song!!! I loved it even more when you shared it with us at the nycwrf! I enjoyed it very much!

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