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So I’m still doing this, despite the gross lack of evidence on this blog. I’m going to write my 40th song in 40 days today. Yesterday’s song kicked ass, and I apologize for the delay here. I promised not to cherry-pick and I won’t. Expect that after the holidays (at the latest), I go into serious recording mode and get this shit rolling.


Song-a-Day News!

So today is the day. I wrote 30 songs in 30 days in November. I haven’t been as up-to-date recording them as I had hoped. But ultimately, this is intended as an exercise in creativity and songwriting. So the question is- what happens now? I could call it quits at 30 and concentrate on recording the 20 that you still need to hear. Then I’d have, maybe 5 or 6 actual decent songs and the wonderful memories. Or I could keep writing a song a day indefinitely and work at getting better at this. I guess I know what decision I’ve made. I’m going to keep this going as long as I can (that’s what she said). No guarantees on how frequently I’ll record, but I don’t plan on cherry-picking songs. I’ll record all of what I write as I can, and post it right here.


Hey! The great news is that as of today, November 23, I’ve written 24 SONGS! The less fortunate news is that I haven’t had the time to record anything in a while. I’ll do my best to get that happening as soon as possible.

Song-a-Day 10: “Slaughter Said To Slaughter” (EXPLICIT LYRICS)

This is one of my favorites so far. :)

Slaughter Said To Slaughter
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Song-a-Day 9: “Made-For-TV Movie Script”

You can kind of tell what I’m going for here, I think. I don’t want to spend a whole ton of time in production on these…

Made-For-TV Movie Script
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Song-a-Day 8: “Daydream Receiver”

I’m really pleased with this one. Wrote it in the shower, got out and scribbled it down as quickly as I could.

Daydream Receiver
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Song-a-Day 7: “Fabio Speedwagon”

So this is a sloppy mess, and I’m pretty happy with it. It was potentially an instrumental, but felt it wanted at least a little bit of vocal.

Fabio Speedwagon
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